It became known about the entrance of the left forces into the party united on the basis of the SR

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The party, united on the basis of Fair Russia, will also include other left-wing forces during the spring and summer. This was reported on Saturday, January 30, by RIA Novosti with reference to the chairman of the For Truth party Zakhar Prilepin.

“We will not drag it out. Some kind of continuation of the unification processes will take place during the spring and summer, ”he said. According to Prilepin, a congress will be held, then unification will take place.

As the politician added, negotiations are currently underway on this, almost all individuals, parties and communities known on the left-patriotic flank are in the sphere of friendly proposals of the new political force.

According to Prilepin, negotiations on this took place with an enviable frequency even before the announcement of the merger of the parties, and in recent days their number has grown exponentially.

Zakhar Prilepin’s Guard and the For Truth movement will remain, the latter may be renamed, he noted.

The fact that the leaders of the parties “Fair Russia”, “For Truth” and “Patriots of Russia” signed a manifesto on the unification of three political forces, it became known on January 28, Thursday. It was reported on Friday that 46% of the poll participants in the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center allowed the opportunity to vote for this party.

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