Israel Katz made a double attack on Gantz and Lapid

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“Beni Gantz has become a” bulletproof vest “for Lapid and other opposition figures, blocking government discussions on economic aid programs for businesses, the unemployed and families,” said Israel Katz, Israel’s finance minister.

This is a politically flawed move that will surely lead Gantz to the fact that his party will not overcome the electoral barrier in the elections to the next Knesset.

Instead of showing a government approach and letting Lapid and his fellow oppositionists fulfill their pledge to uphold any legislation in the Knesset that benefits citizens economically affected by the spread of the coronavirus.

Gantz allows the opposition, along with the legal system, to hide behind his back, thus preventing the program from progressing.

We cannot accept that narrow political interests will not allow business owners and employees to receive the necessary assistance. “

From the post of the Minister of Finance Israel Katz on Facebook