Is the Dinar Chronicles a Scam?

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The dinar is devaluing in Iraq as a result of policy decisions made by the Trump administration. However, Trump has made it clear that he is committed to reclaiming peace and combating terrorists. This positive outlook is evident in the Dinar Chronicles, a website dedicated to the fight against terrorism and promoting peace. You can get more information about this website by reading below. But before you make a decision about purchasing dinars, read about some important factors to keep in mind.

Dinar gurus

If you’re interested in the Iraqi dinar, you’ve probably heard about the Dinar guru, an intel-spreading company that operates out of Dubai. While the Dinar is now one of the world’s top twenty economies, it’s still a developing country, so you should always hold onto your dollars. The Dinar Guru is one of the few companies that has been operating for a long time in the Middle East. They increase the value of the currency by changing the supply of money in the country.

The dinar gurus’ views differ from those of the financial experts on the website. According to Dinar Guru, the Iraq property market is in dire straits and is only going to rise in the future as prices come down and investors gravitate toward the market. The writers of Counter Investor magazine, however, are in agreement that the weak economy is holding back the market’s growth, and that prices will eventually return to the north. They do agree, however, that investors need to diversify their investment horizons.


The latest scandal involving the Iraqi dinar is the rise of Dinar Chronicles scammers. These individuals are not responsible for the scams, but they do use certain techniques to defraud people. These investors are not guaranteed a profit and do not even know what they are getting into. CNBC calls these investor pitches “made-up projections.” The majority of these scams come from individual agents, rather than from the Dinar Chronicles’ parent company.

The Dinar Chronicles focuses on the newest wealth divide. Mujahedeen Criminals are people from the poorer classes, with little money and assets. Their wealth is divided like a hula card by the upper class. However, the Dinar Chronicles scammers do not have the same level of clout. They merely exploit the fear that many people have of a new economic system.

Intel Dinar Chronicles

Among the websites on the Internet devoted to the global currency reset, Intel Dinar Chronicles is one of the most useful. The site compiles news updates from the major dinar forums and groups as well as official stories. With its vast information and numerous resources, this website has become one of the most popular dinar guru sites on the web. Listed below are some of its best features. Read on to discover more about the website and its goals.

The website is updated regularly with news, rumors, and information on the currency of Iran. Users are able to post updates about the latest dinar stories, as well as random news related to the currency. If you’re an investor looking to profit from this currency, check out Intel Dinar Chronicles. Whether you’re a stock market enthusiast or just curious about the world of stock markets, this website is worth a visit.

Current issues covered by the website

The Dinar is currently down by over 45% and Iraq’s oil production is at a record low. As a result, the per-barrel rate has surpassed $100, closing the window for Tier 4 to exchange dinar. During the same week, Russia strikes a TV tower in Kyiv, affecting the fiber cables that connect the Indo Pacific and causing power shortages. While this is a negative for the dinar, it is not all bad.