Is Samsung the Market Leader in India for Washing Machines?

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The importance of washing machines can never be understated. These are among the most vital home appliances. Cleaning clothes and imparting them a fresh look, a washing machine does it all. Not to forget the time it saves, which one can dedicate to another essential activity. 

In India, washing machines are among the most sought-after electronic appliances. These are accessible in semi-automatic and fully automatic models. The fully automatic ones are further available in top-load and front-load types.

Each of the sub-groups is in popular demand in the Indian market. Furthermore, a consumer’s budget shapes the purchase pattern. However, equally influencing is the brand name

Any potential buyer will always try to opt for a brand with proven dependability. And in the case of washing machines, more often than not, it happens to be the South Korean conglomerate, Samsung. The brand continues to dominate the Indian washing machine market. 

For instance, the Samsung fully automatic washing machine models enjoy a market share of 24.6% in the fully-automatic washer segment. The brand further aims to capture a market share of 32% by the end of the third quarter in 2021. 

Samsung’s immense popularity is not merely good fortune. It has earned its way to the top. How? Let’s understand.

Value for Money

Samsung washing machine price in India allows people with varying buying capacities to purchase the appliance. There’s no denying that convenience and function enhance with a surge in the price of the washer. 

However, the low-priced models from Samsung are no pushovers. Some of the most advanced functions empower these models. For instance, the budget-friendly semi-automatic washing machines boast the Silver Nano Technology. 

This technology helps get rid of bacteria and other microbes from the fabric completely. Any scope of foul odor does not linger either. Thus, even the most affordable range of Samsung washing machines render the garments clean, hygienic, and durable.

In the case where Samsung washing machine prices are high, there’s no room for regret. The range of features offered is sure to render laundry effortless and unchallenging. For instance, the flagship models of Samsung fully automatic washing machines can operate through instructions given via a smartphone. 

The in-built Wi-Fi facility renders it feasible. Thus, you can keep tabs on the working of your machine without being in close proximity. Genuine value for money is what is guaranteed by Samsung. 

Samsung Never Shies Away from Investing in Research and Development 

To remain relevant, every brand has to evolve with time. The changing needs of the consumers warrant the incorporation of more convenient and efficient functions. Samsung has stayed ahead of its competitors in the domain of introducing the latest technologies. 

It realizes this by setting up Research and Development (R&D) centers, and investing in this department significantly. In India itself, Samsung has set up 5 R&D units. As a result, Samsung offers peak customer satisfaction.

For instance, the FlexWash machine type is nothing less than a revolution brought about by never-ceasing research. It boasts of two distinct washers — front-load and top-load integrated into one. You can run two washes with different settings simultaneously or independently.

So, while in one drum you stuff the blankets, the other drum can take care of your regular clothes. Why would you not wish to opt for this washing machine that saves your precious time? Thus, Samsung stays well ahead in the game through proper investments in the sphere of research.  

Samsung Washing Machines are Highly Efficient

Models in every Samsung washing machine price range are immensely efficient. Efficiency again gets ensured by several state-of-the-art technologies. For instance, the front-load models have ceramic heaters installed within them. 

These exclusive heaters prevent the accumulation of calcium compounds. Calcium build-up consumes more electricity, which gets reflected in the utility bills. With ceramic heaters, efficiency improves as it entails less power consumption, and you need not fret over the possibility of paying exorbitant bills.

Furthermore, the VRT technology introduced by Samsung keeps the noise to a minimum level. Another example to showcase Samsung’s dedication to enhancing its device’s efficient nature is the Digital Inverter Technology. The premium front-load category models come with this special inverter that regulates the motor. The inverter adjusts the speed of the motor with variations in load, and thus conserves a few units of electricity. 

Durable Devices with a Long-Term Warranty

Samsung washing machines are well-built and excellent in design. While delivering great service, they also carry an aesthetic appeal. Moreover, the devices are highly durable. Thus, you need not rush to buy a new one after every few years. The chances of Samsung washing machines breaking down are less. 

However, even if there’s an internal issue, you can always contact customer care. Samsung has one of the best after-sales services in India. Moreover, the motors come with an eye-catching 10-year warranty. Thus, Samsung has you covered in almost every sphere. 

Samsung has thus managed to not only capture, but also maintain its position at the helm of the industry. 

Moreover, what works in its favor is its years of experience. However, it is not easy to survive the ever-changing dynamics of the market. To not only remain relevant but to dominate the market even after several years of service proves its dependability and the brand’s expertise.

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