Irina Dubtsova was hiding under the mask of a Unicorn in the show “The Mask”

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At the end of the next release of the show “Mask” on the NTV channel, another star who took part in the project was declassified. For example, Irina Dubtsova, a Russian singer and participant of the “Star Factory-4”, performed in a unicorn costume.

By the time the mask was removed, all members of the jury were sure that it was Irina who was hiding underneath. In the next episode of the show, the Unicorn mask performed the “Wall” song, which we are used to hearing performed by Larisa Dolina. The characteristic timbre of Irina Dubtsova “betrayed” the singer to the jury.

We add that the judges of the project left the White Eagle in it, while the audience saved the Crocodile during the vote.

Earlier, during her performances in the show, Dubtsova performed a number of compositions, including “Under hypnosis” and “Run to you”. In addition, Yulianna Karaulova suggested that it was Dubtsova who was hiding behind the unicorn mask.