Iran has promised to take revenge on Israel “for attack” on nuclear facility in Natanz

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Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Said Khatibzade said that Tehran will promptly answer Israel for the accident at the nuclear facility in Natanz. Press TV reported about it on April 12.

“Iran at the right time will take revenge on the Israeli regime for the latest attack,” the channel quoted him as saying.

According to Khatibzadeh, such actions by Israel are “an act of nuclear terrorism on Iranian soil.” He also stressed that Iran will replace the damaged IR-1 type centrifuges with more advanced ones, which will increase the potential for uranium enrichment.

In turn, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif also announced Israel’s involvement in this incident in Natanz. He noted that the country will demonstrate to Israel a breakthrough in nuclear development, since, according to him, the Israeli side believes that it has “succeeded in this.”

“The Zionists want to take revenge on the Iranian people in response to the success in lifting the sanctions, our response will reach the Zionists themselves,” he said at a meeting with the national and foreign policy commission of parliament.

At the same time, Vice President of Iran and the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of the country Ali Akbar Salehi stressed that the actions of the Israeli side indicate the defeat of opponents of Iran’s progress in the nuclear sphere.

“Iran condemns this heinous act and reminds the international community and the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency – Ed.) Of the need to combat such manifestations of nuclear terrorism,” the IRNA news agency quoted him as saying.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Khatib Zada ​​stressed that the sabotage at the Natanz facility was organized in order to interfere with negotiations on the nuclear program.

“The aim of the sabotage in Natanz is to try to thwart negotiations on the nuclear program,” he said at a press conference.

On April 11, in the Iranian city of Natanz, an accident occurred in the power distribution network at the Shahid Ahmadi Roshan nuclear facility. It was reported that no one was injured as a result of the incident. No environmental pollution occurred.

The investigation of the incident is currently ongoing. On the same day, Vice President Ali Akbar Salehi said that the accident was a terrorist act.

The New York Times, citing an anonymous source in the form of an American official, also reported that Israel was involved in the accident at Iran’s nuclear facility at Natanz. According to the newspaper, the explosion dealt a serious blow to Iran’s ability to enrich uranium.