Invisalign Teen: Invisible Orthodontic Treatment Dedicated to Children and Adolescents 

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You’ve probably heard that Invisalign works great for adults when they want to perform invisible orthodontic treatment.

But did you know that children and adolescents can also benefit from Invisalign? And this from the age of 7?

This article presents the orthodontic treatments with Invisible aligners dedicated to the youngest.

Before, children only wore orthodontic brackets:

Historically, treatments with braces were the only ones offered to children and adolescents.

Almost 2/3 of children should undergo orthodontic treatment. Most of the time, these are to treat the following cases:

  • open case,
  • Lack of space and malposition’s
  • Deviation of the jaws
  • Upper jaw too narrow
  • Prominent upper jaw and/or recessed lower jaw
  • Recessed upper jaw and/or prominent lower jaw

But the technological progress made in orthodontics in recent years has enabled us to offer ever more efficient and discreet treatments to our patients.

This is also the case for our youngest patients: invisible aligners like Invisalign now allow discreet treatment for a child/teenager, when performed by an experienced orthodontist who offers this type of treatment.

This Invisible aligners treatment is called Invisalign First (formerly called Invisalign Teen).

Invisalign Teen, an almost invisible treatment dedicated to young patients

Invisalign Teen allows the orthodontist to take control of the treatment plan in order to carry out a treatment tailored to the patient.

In some cases, we can decide to switch to braces in the middle of treatment for certain movements:

  • either to perform certain movements more quickly,
  • or because wearing the trays regularly is difficult for your child.
  • For these reasons, it is important to go to an orthodontist who can offer you 2 types of treatment: with gutters but also with bands.

Children and adolescents: able to wear aligners regularly and take care of them?

However, experience shows us that it is quite the opposite: too happy not to have braces like their comrades, our young patients are on the contrary very careful with their gutters!

You’d be surprised how many young patients – even very young ones – can be treated with Invisalign aligners and follow the wearing protocol perfectly!

Even better than adults for many of them!

Invisalign First/Teen: what is the difference with other treatments?

First of all, Invisalign First is a discreet and removable treatment, unlike bands which are often on the outside, visible – except in lingual orthodontics, which are perfectly invisible – and above all not removable.

These aligners do not differ much from those for adults: Invisalign Teen is a version that is ultimately very close to the Invisalign Full treatment traditionally offered.

This allows the orthodontist to take care of all types of dentition, especially in mixed dentition when the milk teeth have not yet fallen.

A treatment designed and adapted to children and adolescents

There are some particularities about this treatment, compared to that offered to adults. Indeed, it was developed to meet very precisely the constraints related to the teeth of the youngest patients as well as their way of wearing gutters.

Invisalign First aligners thus have “compliance indicators”. These are small blue dots placed on the aligners, which fade when the aligner is worn.

It is also possible to obtain 4 spare gutters for free, in case of loss or breakage: if your child breaks his gutters, he can get up to four replacements at no cost Click Here.

Finally, the Invisalign First trays allow the permanent teeth to grow. This characteristic is essential because the youngest can still have baby teeth and/or permanent teeth that have not yet emerged, or are still growing.

Other than these features, Invisalign Full and Invisalign First are identical.

From what age can I do a treatment with transparent aligners?

Orthodontic treatments with transparent aligners are possible for children from 7 years old.

Of course, it will be necessary to ensure that your child correctly follows all the indications and recommendations of Ensmile, throughout his orthodontic treatment.

External/lingual brackets or Invisalign First aligners for my child/teenager?

At Ensmile orthodontic practice in Pakistan, we offer treatments with invisible braces but also with external and lingual bands, which allows us to offer the most suitable treatment for the patient.

The choice of treatment also depends on various criteria:

1- The age of the patient

If the patient is a child who is still too young, we can use invisible braces to start treatment.

This while waiting – if that is what is desired – for him to be a little more mature to move on to a more discreet treatment.

2- The movements of the teeth to be carried out

Some tooth movements remain impossible to achieve with Invisible aligners. It is therefore sometimes essential to be able to put bands on at least during part of the treatment.

3- The aesthetic and functional demands of the patient

Some patients do not want to wear rings, others, on the contrary, absolutely want them….

We also offer white ceramic rings with white thread, which makes it possible to have an extremely discreet device while wearing rings.

4- Price constraints

Invisible Braces Prices in Pakistan vary according to the types of treatments.

This is to be seen on a case-by-case basis after the first consultation – which is fully reimbursed. This will allow us to offer you several quotes with different options so that you can choose, quietly, the therapy that suits you best.

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