Invisalign Attachments: Cost, Durability, Efficiency, and More! 

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Invisalign is simply a plastic material that is fitted by a dentist to correct an overbite, underbite, or gaps in teeth. Invisalign is not colored, and in most instances can be worn without other people knowing. This is why it’s known as a clear aligner. Before you are fitted with these aligners, a dentist will have to take a 3D photo of your mouth and teeth and develop sequenced aligners using the scans that were obtained from your mouth.


How these aligners function is easy to understand. After they have been fitted, they exert pressure into your teeth, and in the process move them into their new positions. Because aligners are sequenced, you will have to wear the first one for a period of up to 2 weeks before you move to the next.


Invisalign attachments


There are instances where your teeth may not be good enough for the aligners to be fitted directly, and in this scenario, Invisalign attachments will be recommended by your dentists. These attachments are small-sized and are similar to buttons. The dentists will fix them directly to your teeth.


What do Invisalign attachments do?


With Invisalign treatment, an aligner that is shaped differently from your mouth is fitted into your teeth and this is why it will help to push the teeth into the position that is intended. In some scenarios, it may be impossible for the aligner to produce the desired results without some help. This is where the Invisalign attachments are brought in. The attachments will have to be fixed especially when the complex movement of your teeth is necessary.


What are the attachments made from?


The small-sized attachments are made using composite resin. This perhaps is the same material that is used for almost all types of dental fillings. Every attachment is of a different shape, and this is because it has caused, or supports a specific kind of movement. The aligner which is used pushes on the attachment, and this helps to ensure that the right movement is achieved.


Do attachments affect the cost of the Invisalign treatment?


Absolutely yes. This is because it entails additional preparations by the dentist before the colorless braces are fitted. However, the total cost of the procedure depends on many factors, and among them is the complexity of the attachments. 


You should understand that a vast majority of dental plans don’t cover Invisalign, but others consider it in the same category as braces and cover the costs that are incurred by a patient. This makes it important to check with your dentist in advance and figure out if they can cater for the costs before you commence the orthodontics procedure.

The durability of Invisalign attachments

These attachments are expected to last for the entire duration of your treatment. However, if for any reason they fall off, you should inform your dentist so that they may be replaced. It’s these attachments that help to push the aligners so that your teeth take their new shape or move to their new position. It’s very important that when you’re looking for an orthodontist, you choose the right one. It’s crucial for results.