Investigative Committee will check data on bullying of a patient in a Moscow hospital

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The Investigative Committee (IC) of Russia is checking information about the bullying of nurses over an elderly patient in a Moscow hospital.

The head of the department, Alexander Bastrykin, demanded a report on the first verification measures.

“He also demanded to thoroughly study the situation, carefully interview the patients of the hospital, including an elderly woman, presumably injured by the actions of the medical staff, and, if the information that appears, take measures in accordance with the current legislation,” the RF IC website says on Sunday , 25th of April.

The Moscow Department of Health also began checking after a video posted on the Internet.

“In connection with the appearance on the Web of a video from the GKB im. Inozemtseva, the Health Department informs that on this fact, departmental control measures were immediately started, the medical inspection service and representatives of the health department went to the scene, “the press service of the Moscow Department of Health said.

The author of the video claims that the medical workers threatened to “rip out the leg” of the woman. In the frames, a mate is heard, and then a scream.

The patient also attached another video, which clearly shows that the nurse is drunk, adds REN TV.

The video was shot by a resident of the capital Leia Leonova. She said that she had to beg doctors to get adequate treatment.

“When everyone fell asleep, I heard terrible screams. There were mats heard from the ward, which is distant. This drunken nurse and grandmother screamed there. As soon as they didn’t call her names. The mats are scary. I started filming it all. Then they took her out into the corridor, all this has already been captured. She was taken out of the ward, because she, apparently, interfered with the sleep of the neighbors. She was lying, moaning, crying, lying in the corridor all night, ”the patient said.

On April 23, a Penza resident beat a doctor and hijacked an ambulance called by his father. The police managed to detain the violator. A criminal case was initiated against him on the fact of theft of a vehicle with the use of violence.