Investigation into the case of beating a visitor in the Svoboda bar has been completed

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In Ryazan, an investigation into a high-profile criminal case of beating a visitor in the Svoboda bar has been completed. This “MK in Ryazan” said the lawyer of the victim Kirill Moskvin Wednesday, July 29th.

This week, the materials were transferred to the Sovetsky District Prosecutor’s Office for approval of the indictment.

Let us remind you that the investigation lasted more than a year. In April, at a nightclub, security guard Ilya M. severely beat a visitor. The victim ended up in intensive care. The suspect was arrested. At the meeting on the selection of a preventive measure, it turned out that the accused at that time had an outstanding conviction for a crime related to drug trafficking. After a while, the defendant was released from the pre-trial detention center.

During the investigation, the article of the charge was changed three times. As a result, the actions of the bar guard were regarded as deliberate infliction of grievous bodily harm.

The parents of the accused appealed to the media, believing that their son was being unfairly persecuted, and asked the witnesses of the incident to respond. They repeatedly “tried to negotiate” with the victim about compensation and closing the case. But the beaten young man and his family refused the money, counting on a just and deserved punishment by a court decision.

“MK in Ryazan” spoke in detail about the situation with the beating of a visitor to the “Svoboda” bar.

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