Internet Light on My Netgear Router is Off. Help Me Fix It!

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Every LED light on the Netgear router reveals something. Where the power LED indicates the adequacy of electricity, the WPS light describes the status of the connection between the Netgear router and WiFi-enabled devices. Apart from that, the router also has an Internet LED that signifies the status of internet connection. If it is glowing green, it means you are having access to a blazing-fast internet connection. On the other hand, if it is blinking red or not glowing at all, then you need to look into the matter before you get troubled by the Netgear router not working issue. 

In this post, we will guide you on what to do if the Internet LED on your Netgear router is off. So, let’s get the ball rolling.


Fixed: Internet Light  on Netgear Router is Off


  •  Reboot Your Netgear Router

In many instances, the LED light stays off it the  Netgear WiFi router has fallen victim to technical glitches. All thanks to the rebooting process that helps in resolving technical glitches. Rebooting is nothing but the act of giving your device some rest.

If you still have no idea about how to reboot your Netgear router, walk through these guidelines:

  • Power Off: Turn off your Netgear router by pressing the Power button to OFF position.


  • Unplug: The next step is to unplug your Netgear wireless router from the wall outlet


  • Wait: Give your Netgear WiFi router some time to rest.



  • Re-plug: Now, plug your wireless router back into the wall socket.



  • Power On: Press the Power button to the ON posiition.


After rebooting your Netgear router, check whether the issue is gone or not. If still there is no activity on the Internet light, then consider walking through the next hack.


  • Connect WiFi Devices Properly

Chances are that the Internet LED on your Netgear router is off due to an unstable connection between your Netgear router and modem. Well, the solution resides in the problem itself. Which connection source you have used to connect your WiFi devices? A wireless source or a wired one? If you have voted for a wired source, check for the cuts on the Ethernet cable you’ve used to connect the WiFi devices. If it is damaged, it is time to bid farewell to it and bring a new Ethernet cable.

In case you are using a wireless source, then make sure that your WiFi devices are not stuck with each other. Do you know why? Because it might result in a clash of their WiFi signals dragging you to another major issue.


  •  Change the Router’s Location


After the setup process, where did you place your Netgear router? Under a table? Inside a cabinet? Or in the corner? Well, all of these locations are considered as bad ones as it can also lead you to the issue you are also facing. So, if you have placed your Netgear router at any of these locations, you need to relocate it. Remember that your Netgear router needs to be away from the below-mentioned things:


  • Bluetooth Devices: Mice, keyboards, speakers, toothbrushes, cameras, etc.


  • Electronic Gadgets: Refrigerators, microwave ovens, televisions, treadmills, etc. (such gadgets also emit radio-wave frequencies)



  • Tracking Devices: Baby monitors and devices utilizing GPS technology.



  • Reflexive Surfaces: Mirrors, metal doors, aluminum studs, etc.


  • Objects with Water: Aquarium and indoor waterfall walls.



  • Thick Obstructions: Concrete walls, ceramic tiles, thick timber walls, etc.



  • Avoid Overheating

Overheating of the Netgear router might also be the reason why the Internet LED is off. So, you need to prevent your router from overheating. For this you have to follow these instructions:


  • Rest: Turn off your Netgear router when not in use.


  • Dusting: Dust off the dirt accumulated on the surface of your Netgear router.



  • Ventilation: Place your Netgear router in a well-ventilated room. But, avoid exposure to direct sunlight.


  • USB Fan: If you’re ready to spend a penny, then you can also use a USB fan to prevent the overheating of your router. 


  • Reset the Router


If nothing seems to bring you success, then consider resetting your Netgear router as a last resort. It will surely bring you success in resolving the issue you are facing. The reason being it will erase all the personalized settings from your router.


So, without any delay, find the Reset button on your Netgear router and press it with the tip of an oil pin. Within a minute or two, your router will get restored to the factory default mode. Now, access the routerlogin page and set up your wireless device from scratch.


After following the above-discussed hacks, you will surely be able to change the status of the Internet LED on your device from OFF to ON. If you’ve got success in fixing the issue, share your thoughts in the comment section.