Intermediate Three person Yoga Poses

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While talking about Yoga, it is considered an ancient practice. It has become much popular nowadays. It contains physical postures as well as breathing exercises and meditation. If we talk about the status of co, people are no longer able to do physical activities. Three person Yoga poses tend to be a convenient way to improve concentration, strength, and flexibility. It has incredible results on one’s health.

It has been observed that many people are suffering from stress. It becomes the reason for contaminants in the body.  3 people yoga poses have intended to reduce the toxins from the body. In addition, breathing exercises that are part of three people yoga also help in releasing pollutants from the body.

Three People Yoga Poses

When we talk about three person yoga, it tends to be the combination of partner aerobics and hatha yoga. Hatha yoga may consider the traditional form of yoga exercise. 3 people yoga poses assist in breath work and connection with a partner. In this way, you can get support from your partner in multiple difficult postures. Moreover, you can maintain the stability, resistance, and coherence of the body. As its name denotes “3 person yoga poses” includes more than one person. But there is a single person who will be the base. Yoga is a type of physical activity in which you have no need of any equipment, but you can get incredible benefits with it.

What are Intermediate three person yoga Poses?

There are many people who want to practice yoga with some friends. If you are one of them, it means 3 people yoga poses are the best choice for you. It can be a good way of having fun with friends and workout. 

Let’s dive in and find some three people yoga poses for intermediate. 

Plank Press Pose for 3 person yoga

Plank press yoga poses tend to be the most convenient choice for three people in yoga. You can do this pose with three people and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

How to do this:

It is easier to do this pose. Firstly, you need to lie down on the mat (back facing up). After that, lift your leg, but your feet should be together. Secondly, you must keep your shoulder and width apart on the ground. Your arms should be straight, and core muscles must be drawing the navel in the direction of the spine.

After that, the third person will help you and sit between your legs to support you under your thighs, and try to keep your shoulder over your hips and make it closer as much as you can. Make sure your butts and muscles must engage in lifting your legs when you exhale. You need to repeat the same process with the other leg as well.

Lord of the Dance Pose for 3 person yoga

Lord of the dance pose tends to be very popular, while we are talking about three people yoga. It has performed with three people conveniently. The main objective of this poses is to develop balance and coordination in the body.

How to do this:

In the first step, you must make a downward-facing dog pose. Keep your shoulder width at some distance from hip width. In the second step, you need to lift the right leg into the air while bending your knees. Make sure your second leg must be grounded into the mat. In the last step, you need to try to place your hand on the ankle, thigh, or calf. It varies on how much your body is flexible and can be reached out. Try to hold it for five breaths and do the same process from another side as well.


In a nutshell, there are many three people yoga poses, but we have discussed here only a few. Yoga poses 3 person make for better flexibility, concentration, and strength in the body, and you can lead towards a healthy lifestyle.

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