Insurers told about the peak of accidents with drunk drivers

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Most accidents involving drunk drivers occur in the middle of summer. This was reported on April 26 at the Soglasie insurance company, where they analyzed the data for 2020.

The company noted that in 2020 a tenth of all accidents occurred due to the fault of drunk drivers – more than 15 thousand cases, in which 4.3 thousand people died.

“The growth in the number of drunken accidents begins in May, and the peak, according to data for 2020, falls on the middle of summer. In July last year, more than 1.8 thousand accidents occurred with the participation of drivers in a state of intoxication, “- RIA Novosti quotes Soglasie.

Also, the insurance company reminded that if a person got into an accident while drunk, then these data are recorded. After an incident, the cost of an insurance policy for such a driver will increase, and sometimes companies may refuse to issue a policy.

In the event that the victim in an accident was intoxicated, the insurance company will pay compensation, but when a new CTP policy is issued for him, an increase in the base rate is possible.

Earlier that day, the Moscow Department of Transport said that in the first three months of this year, 70 accidents occurred on the roads of Moscow due to the fault of drunk drivers, 5 people died and 86 were injured.

It is noted that 55% of all “drunken” accidents occur between 21:00 pm and 6:00 am. In addition, there are 9% more accidents on weekends than on weekdays. The ministry also said that most of these accidents occur in winter – 31%.

Prior to that, on April 15, the Russian government proposed increasing the maximum prison sentence for systematic driving while intoxicated to three years.