Ingraham: ‘Pro-growth, anti-lockdown agenda that puts American families first’ will return GOP to power

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Democrats have used the twin specters of former President Donald Trump and the coronavirus pandemic as “as shields to cover their ongoing destruction to our economy, our borders and our foreign policy,” Fox News host Laura Ingraham told viewers Monday. 

On the first edition of “The Ingraham Angle” since Trump was acquitted by the Senate for a second time, the host told viewers that the 45th president’s populism and “America First” worldview is now the “undeniable core” of the GOP.

“We ain’t ever going back to the Bush-Cheney style of Republicanism,” Ingraham declared, “No more support for open borders. No more blank checks for endless wars. No more putting China and multinational corporations first. Never again. That version of the GOP is finished.”

The Republican Party, Ingraham said, has the chance now to truly represent its voters, and advance a “pro-growth, anti-lockdown agenda that puts American families first.”

The host went on to blast Democrats for their ever-evolving reasoning for keeping public schools locked down, suggesting that the issue will catapult the GOP back into power.

“At some point along the way,” Ingraham posited,  “this whole effort stopped becoming about controlling the virus and started becoming about controlling the people.”


“After a few more years of lockdowns, racial grievance, government controls and dying state economies,” Ingraham concluded, “the America First message will increasingly resonate with women, young Americans, new Americans, Latino Americans and, yes, African Americans.

“And when that happens, we’re going to be unstoppable.”

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