Ingraham: Biden’s promise of unity in America foiled by ‘urge to purge’

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FOX News host Laura Ingraham ripped President Biden on Tuesday’s “The Ingraham Angle” for pushing divisive, anti-police rhetoric, claiming the “constant racial conflict and division” is “terrible” for America’s national spirit and contrasts his past promises for unity.

INGRAHAM: One hundred days into the Biden presidency, and it’s already clear he’s failed miserably on his unity pledge. He’s [Biden] abandoned bipartisanship for the ram it through radicalism approach and the hard left, naturally, they’re thrilled… The Biden DOJ is bringing the woke crusade to America’s police departments, the Justice Department announcing today another investigation. They’re now examining the police force in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. The only enforcement the Biden administration wants prioritized is against conservatives. Because America’s police departments, the ones that are supposed to be enforcing the laws — they’re now looked at almost immediately with suspicion and distrust. Yesterday, the DOJ announced the investigation of the Louisville PD. Before that, it was Minneapolis. And today, again, Elizabeth City, all because of activist pressure in the wake of that police shooting of one man, Andrew Brown. So the city isn’t even permitted to do its own investigation before Merrick Garland and the usual opportunists swoop in.

The irony is that the party that supposedly cares so much about disadvantaged Americans, including minorities, will endanger their lives with all of this nonsense. The breakdown in policing and the mass retirements that we’ve already discussed, they’re not going to hurt the talking heads on CNN.

The only people who benefit are the agitators who make money from the constant discord and the politicians who keep voting blocks angry and scared. The constant racial conflict and division, it’s terrible for our national spirit, and it just encourages the opposite of Biden’s promise to unity… On Thursday night, I’m going to sit down with five Republican governors who are actually showing the country how to get things done the old-fashioned way by respecting our values and enacting policies that actually work for all Americans because we share more prosperity and liberty exists… One hundred days into the Biden presidency, and it’s already clear he’s failed miserably on his unity pledge.


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