Ingraham: A Democrat win will embolden looters in cities, suburbs

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In a special “Ingraham Angle” monologue from Rep. Ilhan Omar‘s district in Minneapolis, host Laura Ingraham warned that left-wing looters and violent protesters will be “emboldened” if former Vice President Joe Biden and the Democrats win in November.

Ingraham posited that, while the spike in criminality has been largely confined to Democrat-run cities, there is the potential for such “emboldened” criminal elements to move to the redder areas like the suburbs.

“The message is clear. No matter how rich and successful a city is, or a neighborhood in the city is, it can’t be saved from poor Democrat leadership,” she said, playing a clip of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot ripping mobs who looted stores in the Magnificent Mile, while also claiming her administration is “getting it done.”

“[Democrats] will cry racism to avoid any accountability for their own failures,” she said, pointing to the decrepit state of Omar’s district nearly 3 months after several nights of rioting after the death of George Floyd.

“And then when it comes time to clean up the mess, everything left behind, they are nowhere to be found. After the dust settles, they will still expect minorities, those hurt most by their God-awful policies, to vote for them without question,” she said, pointing out that Biden claimed “you ain’t black” if you have a hard time deciding between himself and President Trump.

“The inescapable conclusion from all that has been tolerated in liberal cities these last 10 weeks If the Democrats win, the looters will know that they have free reign to attack not just every city and town in the country — but the suburbs as well. And that’s exactly what they will do.”

She said that the looting and violent demonstrations in places like Portland — now in its 12th week of urban violence — isn’t happening because of Floyd’s death, or perceived police brutality or any one law enforcement-involved incident — but because of a half-century of Democratic leadership and the breakdown of the nuclear family in those areas.

“It is culminating in a summer of annihilation. You can assault police officers and get away with it, you can destroy property, you can get away with it. You can steal from stores in broad daylight and get away with it. You can brutally beat and assent by standards, and you will get away with it,” she said. “And of course, you can March by the thousands with zero social distancing during a pandemic and get away with it.”


Ingraham said that Democrat-run cities have “implode[d]” since left-wing protests began in late May.

She played tape of her interview with former business owners in Minneapolis, standing next to the rubble left after an entire block was burned down by vigilante protesters those many weeks ago.

Ibrahim Demaag, who owned Chicago Furniture Warehouse on Lake Street, told Ingraham he’s still waiting for local elected officials to respond to his calls for help:

“We have not heard any word from them. Our dreams have been shattered,” he said.

“We came here to assess the situation on the ground,” Ingraham continued in her “Angle.”

“Because the riots that left behind block after block of destruction left people in their wake, adding that some of the interviews later in her program should “beg for political change.”

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