Ingenuity helicopter makes fourth flight to Mars

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The Ingenuity helicopter made its fourth flight over the surface of Mars on Friday, April 30, after a failed attempt the previous day. This was reported by the press service of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

“The Martian helicopter made its fourth flight, moving at a faster speed and a greater distance than before,” – said in a message published in Twitter departments.

The press service noted that during the fourth flight, the helicopter took more pictures of the Red Planet than during previous tests. It is specified that NASA specialists will get access to the images later.

Ingenuity’s fourth flight was scheduled for Thursday, April 29, but could not be completed due to device malfunctions.

The first flight was made by an unmanned helicopter on April 19. Ingenuity became the first spacecraft to fly on another planet.

In February, the Ingenuity spacecraft was delivered to Mars aboard the Perseverance rover. It was reported that with the help of a helicopter NASA plans to study the planet from a height of several meters. It is believed that such drones will be able to penetrate remotely into Martian caves, where it is possible to find traces of life.