Infrastructure: Biden advisers recommend $ 3 trillion in spending

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US President’s economic advisers to recommend spending up to an additional $ 3 trillion on a broad package of measures including stimulating the economy and reducing CO emissions2, which would include a giant infrastructure plan, say the New York Times and CNN.

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According to New York Times (NYT), which cites sources familiar with the matter, this new bill would be funded in part by tax increases on businesses and wealthier households.

And according to the American daily, the proposal would be presented this week to Democratic President Joe Biden.

“After months of internal debate, Mr Biden’s advisers are expected to present the president with a proposal this week recommending that his economic agenda be broken up into separate pieces of legislation, rather than trying to push a massive package through Congress, people say. having knowledge of the project ”, writes the NYT.

The proposal, on which the president’s top advisers have been deliberating for weeks, would be articulated in two distinct parts, the first focusing on infrastructure and clean energy, and the second on the ‘care economy’ with an emphasis on the main economic problems, according to CNN, which quotes people familiar with the matter.

During his campaign, Joe Biden had mentioned a multi-year plan of $ 2.3 trillion.

Democrats and Republicans have already started their backstage bargaining, but Republicans are staunchly opposed to a costly plan that would add further debt to the United States.

Last week, they started to exchange verbal games.

“I think the Trojan horse will be called ‘infrastructures’. But in this Trojan horse all the tax increases will be hidden, ”declared the leader of the Republican minority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell.

“I suspect them of wanting to try to put everything in this bill,” he continued to reporters.

The Democrats, them, had hinted that they could opt for a procedure allowing them to count only on their simple majority in the Senate, as for the stimulus plan, bypassing a possible Republican blockage.

For their part, companies have started their lobbying work. For example, a coalition of more than 140 groups led by the American Chamber of Commerce and the Bipartisan Policy Center recently urged lawmakers to pass a bill with a symbolic deadline of July 4, the national day.