Indoor skating rink and hotel will be built in Samara

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An indoor sports hall with a football field and a hotel for athletes will appear in Samara. The public hearings, where this project was presented, were recognized as valid.

This is a site within the boundaries of Novo-Sadovaya Street, Maslennikov Avenue, Bus Passage and Lunacharsky Street. According to the documentation, in this area, in addition to the gym and the hotel, an indoor ice arena with an ice rink of the same size will be built. Two underground parking lots will be equipped.

At the same time, according to NIA Samara, the Volga stadium with a football field and stands, an auto center and garages located along it and Lunacharsky streets, were decided not to be demolished. The whole complex of the kitchen factory will also remain in place. Near it, the territory will be landscaped, a fountain will be installed and the Garden of Balance will be broken.

On March 17, it was reported that in the Samara region in the village of Privolzhie, after reconstruction, a school was opened, founded in 1864 by the landowners Samarins. They paid special attention to public education.