Indonesia: eleven miners killed in landslide

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Muara Enim | Eleven miners died in a landslide caused by heavy rainfall in Indonesia, authorities said Thursday.

At the time of the crash, which happened on Wednesday, the victims were about 20 meters underground in an illegal coal mine near a village in South Sumatra province.

“Due to the recent heavy rains in the region, the land was not firm” and “safety standards were largely ignored,” said an official of the disaster management agency, Ansori, who bears only one name as many Indonesians.

The bodies of all the victims have been found, he said.

Illegal mines, common in Indonesia, are the scene of frequent accidents.

Earlier this year, nine people had died in a landslide in an abandoned gold mine in West Sumatra province.

Last year at least 16 people were buried alive in a collapsed mine in North Sulawesi province.

A few months earlier, five miners had died in a similar accident at an illegal mine in the same region.

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