India will become one of the largest bases for the production of “Sputnik V”

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By the summer, more than 60% of all foreign production of the Russian anti-coronavirus drug Sputnik V will be in India. The ambassador of the republic to the Russian Federation Venkatesh Varma told Izvestia about this, adding that in the near future the Russian side will provide the Indians with other medical assistance.

“There are intensive contacts between India and Russia to resolve the COVID problem, and the Russian side will provide medical assistance in the near future. From the beginning of May, cooperation in the field of the Sputnik V vaccine will be significantly expanded, and by the summer more than 60% of the world production of this vaccine will come from India, ”the Indian diplomat said.

The country approved the application for the emergency use of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus on April 12, and as Venkatesh Varma assured Izvestia back in January, the drug produced in India jointly with Russia will play a very important role in the vaccination process in the republic.

This will be of great help for the country, which is currently experiencing a powerful wave of coronavirus incidence. Since the end of last week, the daily number of new cases in India has jumped to 350 thousand, and the number of deaths on Monday alone exceeded 2800, which became an absolute anti-record for the entire pandemic and brought the total mourning statistics to 195 thousand deaths and 17 million infected.

At the same time, less than 2% of the population of the 1.3 billion country has managed to receive both doses of the vaccine against the virus so far.

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