In Zaporozhye, they covered a hole on the road with plaster casts of jaws

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In the Ukrainian city of Zaporozhye, a road pit was “repaired” by filling it with plaster casts of human jaws, writes APNews on Wednesday, April 14.

Photos and videos have appeared on social networks, which show hundreds of casts with the names of clients and the dates when they were made.

It is assumed that the casts may have belonged to one of the city’s dental clinics, but none of them has yet taken responsibility for them.

Netizens write that they found “neighbor’s teeth” in the pit, others joke that “the tooth fairy has taken up the repair of roads in Zaporozhye.” And someone just “fell off the jaw from the quality of roads in Ukraine.”

Earlier, on April 9, the head of Buryatia, Aleksey Tsydenov, showed how he uses “high technologies”. He posted a photo showing that the head of the region put the chair on the table, placed a bag on the legs of the chair, which helped to hold the tablet. Thus, Tsydenov was in the frame and was able to take part in the meeting.