In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, gasoline prices have increased

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Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk has published the cost of a liter of gasoline at city gas stations. The most notable change was that on March 1, RN-Vostoknefteprodukt raised fuel prices. The data was published by the Telegram channel @sstoit.

As “MK on Sakhalin” found out, AI-92, AI-95 and DT at the RN-Vostoknefteprodukt gas station went up by 30 kopecks. AI-98 added 80 kopecks. These prices took effect on the morning of March 1.

At other filling stations, fuel also rose in price. At the Diesel-Trade filling station, the cost of AI-98 increased by one ruble at once, and AI-92 – by 90 kopecks. Even after this increase in value, though, their gasoline isn’t the most expensive in town.

Leadership in the cost of a liter of gasoline is still held by “Zmachinsky”. Three out of five types of fuel on it are the most expensive in the city. So, AI-95 costs 64.5 rubles, AI-92 and diesel fuel – 59.5 rubles.

Telegram channel @sstoit

The most expensive AI-98 gasoline is filled at the “Karat” gas station. A liter costs 70.25 rubles.