In Yaroslavl, mayor’s office driver who was driving in the oncoming lane was fired

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Gray Ford-Mondeo recently surprised the residents of Yaroslv with its non-trivial maneuvers. The driver of the car pretended not to know that there was one-way traffic on Kooperativnaya Street in Yaroslavl. And he does not see signs that speak of one-way traffic.

The drivers of Yaroslavl showed meticulousness and “punched” the numbers of a noticeable car according to the lists of the “mayor’s” garage. It turned out to be a car from the “stable” of the Yaroslavl City Hall.

After the publication of the fact with the photographs, the mayor’s office gave an answer as to which of the drivers so clearly disregards the traffic rules in Yaroslavl. According to the mayor’s office, this is a temporary hired driver who was hired during the vacation of the main employee. He’s fired now.

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