In Yaroslavl, a stationary point collected about 100 tons of recyclable materials for processing during the year

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A year ago, Baltika, the regional waste management operator Charter, and the Department for Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Management of the Government of the Yaroslavl Region signed an agreement on the implementation of an environmental project for the separate collection of recyclable materials “Bring Benefit to Your City”. The partners have established a stationary separate collection point. For 12 months of work, he helped to collect about 100 tons of recyclable materials for processing.

A stationary separate collection point is installed in the parking lot of the Globus hypermarket. With its help, Yaroslavl residents independently sort the recyclable materials into four fractions: metal, glass, plastic and paper, for each there is a separate container. The townspeople were actively involved in the process. They understand that reducing the volume of waste, creating a modern system of separate collection and eliminating waste disposal in favor of recycling help to reduce the burden on the environment, including greenhouse gas emissions. The recyclable materials collected by the Yaroslavl residents from the Point goes into a container, after which the regional operator takes it away for sorting.

Director of the branch of Baltika Breweries LLC – Yarpivo Brewery Vladislav Bolshakov:

Baltika was one of the first to promote the introduction of separate collection in Yaroslavl. We introduced this system in production, and also began to help develop it in the Yaroslavl Region. As part of the “Benefit Your City” project, we are equipping cities with modern containers for separate collection – another step towards developing a responsible attitude towards the environment. We are glad that the residents of Yaroslavl responded to our idea and actively use the facility for separate collection and sorting of waste. Collected 100 tons of recyclable materials for processing confirm this. “

Baltika Breweries, a part of the Carlsberg Group, sees a reduction in the eco-footprint from the activities of its breweries and products as one of the goals of the 4NOLA Purpose: Together for the Future sustainable development program. The company is reducing its CO2 emissions throughout the entire product lifecycle by focusing on packaging, which accounts for about 40% of beer’s carbon footprint. Since 2013, the company has been investing in the infrastructure for separate collection and cooperating with operators for the collection and processing of recyclable materials. As part of its “Benefit Your City” project, Baltika collected and recycled 158,000 tonnes of PET, aluminum, cullet and waste paper – almost 50% of the equivalent volume of packaging issued by the company in 2020, approaching its 2022 goal of ensuring recycling at least half of its container.

LLC “Charter”, director of the branch “Yaroslavsky” Vitaly Shubin:

“We see the interest of the residents of the Yaroslavl region in separate waste collection and strive to create a modern, environmentally friendly waste management system. Since September 1, 2018, the Charter company has been actively placing special orange euro containers at container sites for receiving separately collected waste. We have already installed more than 700 such tanks in Yaroslavl, Uglich, Tutaev, Rostov and other cities. The development of a project for a stationary container site for receiving separately collected waste near the Globus hypermarket is another step towards creating an environmentally safe MSW turnover system in the region. “

Resident of Yaroslavl, Svetlana Afanasyeva:

“When a separate collection point for recyclable materials appeared next to the Globus, I decided to try sorting waste for the first time. I live near a hypermarket, so it was very convenient to use the item. Having studied the information deeper, I realized how important it is to sort waste and how useful recycling is. I try to keep a good habit and instill it in my household. It’s nice that our Yaroslavl companies are making their contribution to improving the ecology of their hometown! “

Within the framework of the Bring Benefit to Your City project, Baltika Breweries is investing in the creation of an infrastructure for the separate collection and processing of recyclable materials in the Yaroslavl Region, which also contributes to the development of a waste sorting culture among Yaroslavl residents. Recyclable materials are sent for processing and recycling. For example, PET containers become granules for strip tape, insulation or fabric, and by collecting 100 kg of waste paper, two 15-year-old trees can be saved from felling.