In Volzhsky, doctors and patients are looking for each other

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The relatives of Sergei Balagurov, a patient at the Fischer Hospital, accused the doctors through the media of leaving him because he was a “contact for coronavirus.” Doctors reply to this that they would gladly help the patient, but cannot find him to take tests.

According to media reports, Sergei Balagurov from Kotelnikov on September 18 was admitted to the therapeutic department of the Fisher hospital, which is located in Volzhsky. The next day, the man was asked to vacate the room.

The Fischer hospital confirmed that their therapeutic department was quarantined in accordance with the Rospotrebnadzor order.

According to Tatyana Rumyantseva, deputy chief physician for the polyclinic section of the Fischer hospital, one of the patients was treated at the hospital from 18 to 21 September. After the department was quarantined, the man was discharged for outpatient treatment as a contact for covid.

– The patient was supposed to call a doctor at home, but he did not, – the head doctor specifies. – The district service itself tried to find him, but did not find him at home.

As it turned out, the patient made a decision to isolate himself in the country. On September 29, a medical team went to him to take an analysis according to the instructions for monitoring contact persons. But there was no one at the dacha, writes Volgogradskaya

The patient’s quarantine ends on Monday. If he had taken a smear and tested negative for COVID-19, he would have been immediately offered to be treated in another hospital. However, this question has remained open to date.

Rumyantseva noted that many people are negligent in the recommendations of doctors related to discharge for self-isolation, and the prescriptions of Rospotrebnadzor.

“We have to look for many, although people must take care of their health themselves,” the doctor summed up.

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