In Ulan-Ude, a former orphanage robbed the parents of his girlfriend

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Ulan-Ude police detained a 20-year-old boy, he is suspected of committing six thefts. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Buryatia.

The parents of his own girlfriend especially suffered from the actions of the young man. The young man took more than 130 thousand rubles from the account of the mother of his chosen one. Under various pretexts, he took a woman’s mobile phone and transferred funds to himself, knowing her password. The father of the “girlfriend” lost 17 thousand rubles in the same way. The abductions took place between December 2019 and January 2020.

This year the young man committed 4 more thefts. He asked a friend for a gadget, did not return it, but immediately handed it over to the purchase. Then he rented two game consoles worth 100 thousand rubles. And he also did not return them, handing them over to a pawnshop for next to nothing. At the end of April, he turned the same story with a jackhammer. The total damage from his illegal activities amounted to more than 360 thousand rubles.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs notes that the young man was brought up in an orphanage. It doesn’t work anywhere. Previously, he was already prosecuted for theft, but he hid three times from the preliminary investigation.

Criminal cases have been initiated. The suspect is in custody.