In Ukraine, they called the condition for the refusal from Russian electricity

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To stop importing electricity from Russia in Ukraine, it is necessary to repair the relevant infrastructure, since a significant part of it is no longer working. This was announced on Tuesday, February 23, by the acting Minister of Energy of the country Yuriy Vitrenko.

“In order to avoid the situation that we import electricity from Russia next year, it is necessary to carry out a repair campaign in time – both at thermal units and at nuclear power plants. So that in winter most of these blocks work, and not like now, ”he said on the air of the Ukrainian ICTV channel.

In addition, Vitrenko pointed to the need to disconnect Ukraine from the energy system of Russia and Belarus and join the European one. According to him, this was never done, despite the fact that “there have been talks about it for a long time.”

On February 16, Vitrenko noted that the Ukrainian authorities oppose the import of electricity from Russia and Belarus, but are forced to do so because of the threat of rolling blackouts.

However, he admitted that Ukraine “critically depends on Russia and Belarus in this matter.”

In April 2020, Kiev suspended electricity imports from Russia and Belarus during the pandemic. On January 3, Ukraine resumed buying electricity from Belarus.

On February 1, 2021, Ukraine resumed importing electricity from Russia, the supply capacity is 200 MWh. At the same time, on February 5, Kiev urgently turned to Minsk with a request for emergency supplies of electricity.