In Tver, the driver of an SUV “did not give a damn” about the traffic rules and went to a red light

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On February 5, in the Moscow district of Tver, an SUV driver crossed an intersection at a red light. The video was published in the community of Tver drivers.

The incident took place at the intersection of Sports Lane and Tchaikovsky Avenue, where the driver of the Range Rover SUV turned from the avenue towards Alexander Zavidov Street, not paying attention to the redirecting traffic light.

The girl who filmed the events on a video recorder said that she began to violate the car long before that moment:

– The car “took off” from the “Azure” and blocked the road to my car. Further from the Kaposvara square, the car moved in the oncoming lane. my car prevented them from changing lanes, which is why later, passing at the red signal, they opened the window and yelled at me.

Residents of Tver advised the girl to contact the traffic police, tell about what happened and attach a video.

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