In Tver, five abandoned cars may be scrapped

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The recycling of cars, which have long been forgotten by their owners and abandoned anywhere, continues in Tver.

The city administration informs that in the near future they plan to send from the territory of the former car market to a car parking lot:

1. “VAZ 2106” with license plate С404СО9;

2. “VAZ 2109” with license plate Е942НМ69;

3. “VAZ 2107” with license plate Х975НМ69;

4. “GAZ 3110” with state number T591KR69;

5. “VAZ 2109” with VIN-number ХТА210900L0770090;

6. Car trailer with license plate number 2742KA;

There is also another trailer that does not have a number in the list. In addition, a GAZ 24 without license plates will be evacuated from Malaya Tverskaya Street.

If the vehicles are eventually found abandoned, a search for owners will begin. A notice on the voluntary movement of the car within a month will be posted on the Internet, however, if this does not happen, the city authorities themselves will evacuate the abandoned property to the temporary storage site. The costs associated with the evacuation of the vehicle will be collected from the owners of the vehicles.

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