In Tula, a man came to the Railway Station Court with blank cartridges

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The cartridges were found by a bailiff during a search.

On April 9, 2021, a man wanted to bring blank cartridges into the building of the Privokzalny District Court of Tula. The bailiffs found prohibited items on a person who arrived at the hearing as a defendant. This is reported by the UFSSP of Russia in the Tula region.

According to the source, the man knew the list of items that should not be taken to court. Also, the bailiffs invited the visitor to lay out the prohibited items, if any. The man noted that he had nothing.

When the bailiffs carried out an inspection, they found 5 blank cartridges on the visitor. An administrative protocol was drawn up against the man for failure to comply with an order of a judge or a bailiff to ensure the established procedure for the activities of the courts, the officers called the police.

We will remind, earlier “MK in Tula” published the material: “What to do to the Tula, who have not received alimony for years.”

We also reported that the bailiffs will sell the land plot and cars of the debtors.

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