In the Yaroslavl region, a hurricane tore off the roof of an apartment building

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A strong wind during a thunderstorm on April 24 brought a lot of troubles in the Yaroslavl region. In the village of Khmelniki, Rostov region, a powerful gust of wind broke the roof of an apartment building. At the three-story “panel” the roof was rolled up and brought down into the courtyard, right on the parked cars.

The administration of the Rostov municipal district took the first measures to eliminate the problem, the residents of the house on Zavodskaya Street, damaged by the hurricane, were evacuated. EMERCOM employees have removed the remains of the roof. The management company is ordered to make a temporary roof closure to avoid leaks into the building.

An emergency regime has been introduced on the territory of the district.

Forecasters promise a new hurricane on April 25 with thunderstorms, hail and snow.