In the United States, the reward for the capture of Bigfoot increased to $ 2.1 million

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The Oklahoma state authorities have increased the reward for the capture of Bigfoot. This on Sunday, March 7, writes The Sun.

Until now, the reward for a successful hunt for Bigfoot was $ 25 thousand.Now, the one who succeeds in catching the anthropoid will receive $ 2.1 million.

The legislative innovation is aimed at increasing the flow of tourists to the state, the newspaper notes.

“This will be a great opportunity for people to enjoy our land and have fun,” said Justin Humphrey, Rep. And Legislator.

In addition, state officials are considering introducing a license to hunt Bigfoot. An advertising campaign will be deployed around the humanoid creature, including license plates, stickers and Bigfoot control stations.

In April 2019, a mountaineering expeditionary group of the Indian army reported the discovery in the Himalayas of footprints of a Bigfoot, the existence of which most scientists question. Climbers saw foot prints measuring 32×15 inches (approximately 81×38 cm) near Makalu Base Camp.