In the Tver region, children played with fire and set fire to the grass near a residential building

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In the village of Krasnomayskiy, Vyshnevolotskiy urban district, firefighters had to go to extinguish a fairly decent patch of grass near a residential building in the afternoon on April 15.

All the fault, according to the group “Vyshny Volochek – talking and showing,” was that local children played with fire, which, due to the gusty wind, quickly spread across the territory. Concerned eyewitnesses called firefighters, who arrived within 10 minutes.

At this time, residents began to save their cars, which stood along the edge of the burning area. The owner of one of the cars was not at home, but the locals were not taken aback – together they were able to drive his car away from the fire.

– Friends, these games can end very badly. Inform or remind children about the dangers of playing with fire, – appeal to the community.

The photo was published in the Vyshny Volochek group.