In the Tula region for 5 years, exports exceeded imports three times

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In the Patriot-Tula park, the winners and finalists of the regional competition “Exporter of the Year 2020” were awarded.

On April 15, in the Patriot-Tula park, an award ceremony was held for the winners and finalists of the Exporter of the Year 2020 competition for small and medium-sized enterprises of the Tula region. This is reported by the regional government.

According to the deputy chairman of the regional government Grigory Lavrukhin, there are still many achievements ahead, and international cooperation will be strengthened, including through exports. Grigory Lavrukhin emphasized that exports in the Tula region exceeded imports threefold. According to him, products and services worth more than $ 16 billion have been exported over 5 years. According to the source, the import figures are $ 5 billion.

The regional government supports exporters, helps Tula entrepreneurs to enter the world market. This work will be continued further.

As noted in the source, such a competition is an additional motivation for exporters.

The winners can be viewed here.

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