In the Tula region, doctors earn half as much as in Moscow

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Tulastat published the size of the official earnings of doctors and workers of medical organizations with higher education in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

In the country, the figure is more than 90 thousand rubles. Of course, this “average” was formed due to high salaries in the capital and the Moscow region – 161,112 and 114,618 thousand, respectively.

The salary of Tula primary care physicians is 77 thousand rubles, says Tulastat.

In the nearest neighboring regions, doctors live financially worse, earning: in Ryazan – 65 thousand rubles, in Orel – 56 thousand rubles, in Lipetsk – 63 thousand rubles. An exception to this list is the Kaluga Region, where doctors earn 83,000 rubles a month.

Read also: Tulastat named the size of the salaries of Tula teachers. According to statistics, in 2020 teachers of the Tula region earned an average of 34,923 rubles per month. Teachers of regional higher educational institutions receive a monthly salary of 88 thousand 885 rubles.

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