In the Tula region, a meteorological warning was announced due to a thunderstorm and strong wind

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A meteorological warning has been announced in the Tula region, according to the Ministry of Emergencies. Rescuers are asked to be attentive and observe personal safety measures.

According to forecasts of meteorologists, today, on April 17, a gusty wind is expected on the territory of the Tula region, the speed of which will reach 12-17 meters per second. Thunderstorms and rain will pass in places.

In a thunderstorm:

– if possible, do not leave the house, close windows and chimneys to avoid drafts, it is not recommended to heat the stove during a thunderstorm;

– during a thunderstorm, stay away from electrical wiring, antennas;

– turn off the radio and TV, avoid using telephone and electrical appliances.

In case of emergencies and accidents, immediately report to the Unified Rescue Service by phone “01” or from your mobile – “112”.

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