In the Smolensk region, ball lightning left an entire settlement without electricity

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A serious communal accident left an entire settlement in the Smolensk district of the Smolensk region without electricity, the PRO Region newspaper reports, citing eyewitnesses. A rare natural phenomenon became the culprit.

At the end of last week, in the village of Senkovo ​​in the Smolensk region, local residents saw ball lightning during a rain with a thunderstorm.

“I stood at the bus stop and saw a fireball rolling on the ground. He rolled somewhere in the direction of the school and struck, apparently, into the substation, which provides the entire village with electricity, ”a resident of the village shares with the editorial board.

Due to the hit of ball lightning in the substation, household appliances burned down in the houses of the residents of the village.

“Someone’s chandelier on the ceiling even exploded, someone’s expensive plasma TV burned out, it was cold at school these days, the children were left without lunch.” – continues the story of a resident of the village.