In the Rostov region, the percentage of vaccinated against coronavirus plans to increase to 14%

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In the Don region, almost 10% of residents were vaccinated from the coronavirus. Soon the next batch of the drug will be brought to the region, which will be enough for the percentage of vaccinated to reach 14%. The Minister of Health of the region Yuri Kobzev spoke about this at a meeting of the operational headquarters to combat the spread of coronavirus.

As of April 13, 204 thousand people were vaccinated, of which 49% are people over 60 years old. The ministry plans to vaccinate 50% or more in this category, because it is pensioners who are more susceptible to complications than others.

Milyutinsky district has become the leader in terms of vaccination rates. There are already 21.8% vaccinated. The figures are slightly lower in Rostov, Volgodonsk and Zverev.

Not in all districts, doctors promptly spend the incoming drugs. According to the minister, in Shakhty, Azov, Kasharsky, Veselovsky and Bagaevsky districts, the percentage of vaccine use is below 90%.

– We have repeatedly pointed out that the intensity of the supply of vaccines from the regional warehouse depends only on the rate of vaccination. And if at some point you calm down, and then, after the headquarters, become more active, then we increase the supply of drugs to you. The Federation does the same. As soon as the Rostov region increases vaccination, the supply of drugs also increases, – commented Yuri Kobzev.

Note that in the Rostov region it is necessary to vaccinate 60% of the population – this is more than 2 million people.