In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, 7 million hectares of forest are covered by video surveillance

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Video cameras are mounted on cell towers and have a view around the entire circumference.

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the forest fire situation is monitored by video surveillance, the network of which has already reached 100 points of information transmission. Thanks to this, the territory of 28 districts or 7 million hectares is under control, according to the press service of the regional government.

At first, the cameras were installed in places where a large number of forest fires occur in spring, namely near settlements in the center and in the south of the region. From 2021, the eastern and northern territories will be covered with a video signal, said the head of the regional dispatch service of the regional forest fire center Artem Khrebtov.

Video cameras are fixed on cell towers, they have a view around the entire circumference and allow you to see smoke in a radius of 45 kilometers.