In the Kirov region, mothers of preschool children are taught new professions

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The project involves women caring for toddlers or non-working mothers of older preschoolers

At the Vyatka College of Technology, Management and Culture, at the Yaransk Technological College, mothers who are raising preschool children and who do not have a job are being retrained. Women can master new and sought-after professions such as seamstress, baker, pastry chef, merchandise expert and many others. Classes are held in person and remotely, the terms of training are also different.

Women wishing to get a new profession should contact the Employment Center at their place of residence, and having received a certificate of a new profession, women can either continue to work “at the old address” or find employment again.

To date, as noted in the regional government, 411 women have begun retraining, 227 of them have already received retraining documents and have started working.

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