In the Kholmsky district, part of the residential yard moves down the slope

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In Kholmsk, rescuers had to evaluate a part of a residential yard near a house located at the top of a hill. Part of the rock came off and began to slide down. Local residents sounded the alarm.

A piece of soil tore off the soil in the courtyard of a residential building No. 27 on Molodezhnaya Street. He was spotted on April 19.

The vice-mayor of the Kholmsk region, Eduard Son, went to the scene. He confirmed that there are indeed ground movements. As a result, the dangerous place was cordoned off with a signal tape and beacons. Children and adults were asked to stay away from the edge.

Photo: administration of the Kholmsky district

The City Hall’s contractor is currently considering options for stopping further destruction and strengthening the rock. Experts will monitor the condition of the yard three times a day, and monitor how it will behave further.