In the Ivanovo region, grain harvesting will be completed in September

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Twelve districts are harvesting crops and leguminous crops. At the moment, about 12 thousand tons of grain have been threshed. In general, almost four thousand hectares have been harvested in the region. The plan has already been overfulfilled by six percent. The average yield is 33-34 centners per hectare.

– In 2020, the agrarians will carry out harvesting work on an area of ​​68 thousand hectares. In favorable weather conditions, it is planned to complete the harvesting of grain and leguminous crops in the first ten days of September. We expect this year’s harvest to be significantly higher than last year’s – by at least 10-15 percent, ”said Denis Cherkesov, head of the region’s agriculture and food department.

High rates of gross grain harvest are noted in Gavrilovo-Posadskoye – 5.4 thousand tons (average yield 39.9 c / ha), Rodnikovsky – 2.6 thousand tons (36 c / ha), Shuisky – 1 thousand tons (21.8 c / ha) and Privolzhsky – 0.9 thousand tons (45.5 c / ha) regions.

Farms of the Kineshemsky and Privolzhsky districts are harvesting vegetables. Currently harvested 23.5 hectares (5.4% of the plan), harvested 571 tons of vegetables, including 471 tons of cabbage.

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