In Texas, during the rally of supporters of Trump, four boats sank

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At least four boats sank on Lake Travis in the US state of Texas during a boat parade in support of US President Donald Trump, The New York Times reported on September 5.

It is noted that as a result of the incident, no one was injured, while rescuers pulled “a lot” of people out of the water.

According to the press secretary of the local sheriff’s office Kristen Dark, the first calls about the incident began to arrive at about noon (20:00 Moscow time).

“There were an incredible number of boats on the lake today. When they all started moving at the same time, it caused significant waves, ”she explained.

The Lake Travis Trump Boat Parade event was hosted on Facebook. One of its initiators, Steve Salinas, said that the decision to hold the action on the water was due to the unwillingness to create difficulties for local residents due to road blockages.

According to The Oregonian, in August in Portland, USA, a boat also sank in another boat parade in support of Trump. None of the participants in the event was hurt then.

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