In Syria, in the theater of the city of Aleppo, Gogol’s “The Overcoat” was staged

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The theater in the Syrian city of Aleppo staged a play based on Nikolai Gogol’s “The Overcoat”.

The production was prepared for a year. We carefully studied the text of the original source. The authors and participants of the play believe that the problems of the little man in Russia are no different from those in Syria.

“I am Akaki Akakievich, whose dream was stolen! I think that my hero as a whole does not differ from the Russian hero, because the poor and the unfortunate in any country are poor and unhappy in the same way, ”said actor Yad Shkhade.

This is not the first Syrian performance based on the works of classical Russian literature.

“Before the war, there were performances based on Russian books about twice a year. And during the war too. The theater in Aleppo worked, only in a different room, ”explained Jaber El Sajur, director of the Aleppo Department of Culture.

After the end of hostilities, cultural life in the city is gaining momentum. Recently, a theater arts festival was held, which was attended by students from the University of Aleppo.

On April 12, Russian specialists began restoring the Arc de Triomphe in Syrian Palmyra, familiar to every student from the fifth grade textbook “History of the Ancient World”. In August 2015, militants destroyed this iconic symbol of the city with an explosion.