In St. Petersburg, a rapper who was blocking traffic was detained for the sake of filming a video of a rapper

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The St. Petersburg police opened a criminal case after the rap artist blocked traffic in order to shoot a video. This was announced on Monday, April 26, by the REN TV channel with reference to the Interior Ministry’s headquarters for the city and the Leningrad region.

“As a result of a procedural check by investigators of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Central District, a criminal case was initiated against the drifter-musician and two of his acquaintances under Part 1 of Art. 267 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Obstruction of the movement of vehicles”). On the night of April 25, all three were detained at a nightclub on the embankment of the Griboyedov Canal, where they had a concert, ”the police said.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, on the afternoon of April 13, the defendant staged an extreme race in a sports car on Vosstaniya Street in the center of St. Petersburg, while his friends were filming what was happening.

“For the purpose of creating a spectacular clip, young people blocked traffic, thereby creating a traffic jam in the city center. The illegal actions of the violators were suppressed by a traffic police officer who was passing by at that moment, ”the law enforcement officers write.

All the detainees were natives of Karelia. At the same time, it was indicated in the chapter that the artist is “a famous rap performer in certain circles,” without specifying the name of the musician.

The offenders were also brought to administrative responsibility. They apologized for the illegal actions.