In Severodvinsk, the investigation has charged a previously convicted city resident with brutal murder

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The investigative bodies of the regional Investigative Committee have brought charges against the previously repeatedly convicted 27-year-old resident of Severodvinsk of committing robbery and murder.

At about 11 pm on April 16 this year, the accused, being drunk, while in a bar on Belomorsky Avenue, decided to take possession of the property of a previously unknown 58-year-old visitor to the institution. He followed the man out into the street and attacked him in the courtyard of one of the houses on Lesnaya Street. Acting with particular cruelty, the hijacker struck the victim many blows on the head and body with a wooden bat, after which he stole 200 rubles and a push-button mobile phone from the pockets of his clothes. Then he again beat the victim with a bat and fled from the scene of the crime with the stolen things. Subsequently, the victim died.

After a while, in one of the bars not far from the crime scene, the Rosgvardia officers detained the suspect. At the same time, he paid for the purchase of alcohol with money stolen from the victim.

After the arrest, the suspect explained that there was a conflict between him and a previously unknown man in the bar, he caught up with the latter on the street and beat him with a bat. He pleaded guilty to the crime.

During the investigation, the attacker is in a pre-trial detention center.

The press service of the regional Investigative Committee notes that the accused was released from the penal colony in February this year, where he was imprisoned for the illegal sale of drugs.