In Rostov, a local resident asks to equip a pedestrian crossing in the Suvorovsky microdistrict

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A resident of the Suvorovsky microdistrict of Rostov-on-Don asks to equip a pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Petrenko and Sosnovaya streets. Elena Voronova published the petition on the city service “Active Rostovite”.

According to the author of the initiative, this site is the only exit from the SNT “Harvest” and the cottage village “Vash Vybor”. However, there is no pedestrian crossing, which is why people have to cross the carriageway, calculating the right moment.

– Cars at full speed rush from the corner, which can cause an accident, – added Elena. – Soon the first of September and schoolchildren can get under the wheels of overclocked cars.

Currently, the petition of the Rostovite has gained 52 votes out of 500 required. When the number of approvals from local residents reaches the desired level, the authorities will respond to the initiative.

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