In New York, big bosses pledge to hire 100,000 disadvantaged people

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NEW YORK | The bosses of 27 large companies in New York, including JPMorgan Chase, IBM and Amazon, pledged Tuesday to hire 100,000 low-income people and / or from black, Latino and Asian minorities by 2030.

Gathered in the “Council of CEOs for Jobs in New York”, they say they want to work with educational institutions, community organizations and associations, to help the careers of disadvantaged New Yorkers.

In particular, they propose to offer jobs or apprenticeship positions to 25,000 students of CUNY public university, to use their resources and networks, and to share their best practices. “Our mission is to ensure that the inhabitants New York’s most vulnerable communities can access the skills they need to pursue promising careers and benefit from the city’s economic recovery, ”said Gail Mellow, who heads the new group, in a statement.

The New York metropolis, these bosses point out, is the richest in the United States.

The COVID-19 crisis has accentuated inequalities, with disadvantaged people more often affected by disease and / or the loss of their jobs.

But “even before the pandemic, which had a disproportionate impact on low-income black, Latino and Asian communities, unemployment in the Bronx was 85% higher than in Manhattan,” they point out.

“At the same time, jobs in high demand have not been filled, with less than 400,000 unemployed in New York in 2018-2019, but many more offers,” they add.

Large financial institutions, consulting firms, technology groups, hospitals, the media and telecom operators are represented on the new Council.

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