In large cities of the Russian Federation, housing maintenance fees increased by 22% in five years

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In cities with a population of over 1 million people, fees for management, maintenance and current repairs of residential buildings have increased by 22.43% over five years. This was announced on Friday, February 26, to Izvestia in the association of management companies of the NP National Housing Congress.

So, in cities with a population of more than 500 thousand, but less than 1 million people, the average increase in the amount of payment for the maintenance of residential premises was 22.33%. In cities with a population of more than 200 thousand, but less than half a million, this figure was at around 21.74%, and where the number of residents does not exceed 200 thousand, the average increase in payments for the maintenance of a house was 16.03%.

In addition, the association noted that the highest rates increased in the Chelyabinsk region (37.2%), in Tatarstan (28.75%), the Murmansk region (28.1%), in Bashkortostan (27.08%), Samara oblast (23.83%) and Crimea (20.12%).

And the lowest rates were recorded in Nizhny Novgorod (15.64%), Moscow (15.25%), Kirov (14.53%), Penza (13.79%) and Volgograd regions (12.1%).

“The analysis showed that the less the population lives in the city, the less and less often the payment for housing increases, it should also be noted that in cities with up to 200 thousand people, the increase in rent for housing over five years lags behind at least 5%, which is directly reflected in the performance of management companies “, – said in the” National Housing Congress “.

The study was prepared on the basis of monitoring data carried out by the association. It was attended by 69 management organizations from 26 cities of Russia.

On the eve it became known that the Union of Consumers of Russia proposed to launch social ration cards in the country for citizens who are already receiving housing subsidies. We are talking about people whose share of payments for housing and communal services in family income ranges from 22% or more. This is the federal criterion for determining the recipients of housing subsidies.

On February 24, it was reported that heat and electricity in Russia may rise in price. This will happen due to the increase in the utilization fee for equipment for coal mining in 2021.